“And I’m gon shine like I’m supposed to,

Anti-social extrovert”

– Kendrick Lamar, “DNA”

I have a YouTube channel! Its called “Black Thoughts“. It’s primarily for science communication (as it is LOOSELY defined). I have a few goals with the channel: 1) To show the world how cool geoscience and geoscience research is (not just my research)! 2) Hopefully inspire a few minority students to pursue science and be themselves while they do it. 3) Interview a whole bunch of cool people and ask them interesting questions, so at the least I can learn something. 4) Make at least one person besides myself laugh because if you’re the only one laughing at your own jokes I’m told it’s “worrisome”.

Also, I am naturally very ~artsy~ in my brain, so I can’t help but be obtuse sometimes. Pardon my artistic limitations in the video medium. I often can’t make the quality of video as I see in my head, but I fully intend to keep working at it until I can!

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