“Don’t rely on the strength of my image

If it’s good, then it’s good”

– JPEGMAFIA, “Free the Frail”

My name is Josh Anadu. I’m from Nigeria, but I grew up in Houston, TX. I’m a astrobiologist in the making. If it’s about life detection, planetary science, extremophiles, planetary evolution, or origins of life, I am interested. I will be attending graduate school at the California Institute of Technology as a President’s Fellow. I’ll be a student in the Division of Geologic and Planetary Sciences (GPS) where I’ll be studying geobiology. I’m formulating the central questions for my dissertation currently and I’m very excited!

I graduated from Oklahoma State University summa cum laude with Environmental Science and Honors College degrees, a minor in Chemistry, and a minor in Geology. I also happened to be a track & field athlete for my school (long and triple jump). During my undergraduate, I conducted research in soil microbiology, entomology, insect biocontrol, cellular toxicology, invertebrate paleontology, and environmental LNAPL remediation. I’m also the project science intern for the Mars 2020 mission, which rocks!

I have been graciously awarded the Goldwater Congressional Scholarship, an honorable mention for the Udall Congressional Scholarship, and some other stuff you can see in my CV.

Other than research and track, I enjoy spending time outdoors, spelunking(!), skateboarding, collecting vinyl records, performing stand-up comedy, reading very slowly, and delivering lukewarm takes with feverish intensity. I also enjoy hot bars (poignant musical lines for the old people), some of which I have included in this here website.

Lastly, I truly love to think and consider the more philosophical and ideological aspects of life. Feel free to engage me with your ideas or even just to tell me that you think mine are wrong.

For academic purposes email me at janadu (at) caltech (dot) edu.

For anything else, feel free to hit me up on twitter or email me at blackthoughts1905 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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